Rock, Beach, River Garnet?

Rock Garnet? Beach Garnet? River Garnet?

  1. Razor® Rock Garnet
    • Rock Garnet or Almandine rock garnet is found in underground deposits
    • Rock almandine variety are of high mineral purity with a hardness of 7.5 MOHs and S.G 4.0.
    • The raw garnet rocks are crushed into sharp angled, chunky fragments ideally suited for aggressive blasting.
    • Almandine Garnet grain’s natural physical and chemical properties offering low dust levels, angular shapes, high specific gravity and hardness make it most suitable for use in the blasting industry. It is also environment friendly and has no health risks.


RAzor Rock Garnet mine  Rock Garnet


  1. Beach and River Garnet (Alluvial Garnet)
    • Beach and River garnet or Alluvial garnet are found in rivers due to the nature of weather
    • As it is exposed to the constant impact or tumbling from the waves, beach and river garnet tends to be of smaller mesh sizes and rounder in shapes compared to the angular faces of rock garnet. Grain shapes are important factor in blasting efficiency.
    • Beach garnet abrasive being extracted from beaches, they have higher chloride and salt content than regular rock garnet abrasive.
    • River garnet also has some impurities and depending on where it is sourced.
    • The main advantage of this type of garnet compared to rock garnet is that it is cheaper as it is readily available and easily collected mainly by shoveling and sieving. This leads to low production costs which translates to savings in buying this particular abrasive.

Indian Beach Garnet Sea River Alluvial Garnet

shovelling beach garnet Beach Garnet