RazorGreen® Garnet

RazorGreen® Garnet

RazorGreen® Garnet is a natural blend of 30% Red Almandine Garnet and 70% Green Almandine Garnet. This combination resulted in a very cost competitive blasting product.

It is a product that you must not missed out when you want to control your operating cost and blasting efficiency for general purpose repair and maintenance blasting projects.

It is a cost effective alternative to silica sand, copper slag, nickel slag, staurolite, olivine, crushed glass, glass beads, brown fused alumina, PS ball, steel grit and steel shot because of its low consumption and high productivity.

  • Angular shape grains ensures exceptional cleaning rate
  • No Heavy Metal content
  • No Radioactivity present
  • Sa2.5 – Sa3 metal white surface is easily achievable with the correct mesh size
  • Surface Dust Level 1 assured
  • Extremely low surface residual salt contamination
  • Surface Profile of 45-75 microns can be easily achieved
  • Excellent Toughness
  • Recyclable of about 2~3 times and this lower than RazorBlast® due to its lower hardness and toughness
  • Blasting dust level is a little higher than RazorBlast® due to its lower specific gravity and lower speed of settling down
  • No Heavy Metal & Toxicity
  • Density: 5-3.6
  • Hardness (MOHs) : 6.5-7.0
  • Free Silica Level : <0.1%
  • Total Chloride: 1ppm
  • Conductivity: 2m S/m
  • Low turbidity: 60-90 NTU
  • Coarse 20/40 mesh, 30/40 mesh:
    • Used for general purpose repair and maintenance blasting
  • Medium 30/60 mesh:
    • Used when requiring a reduced profiles
  • Fine 50 mesh, 80 mesh, 120 mesh :
    • Used when you requires a light blasting requiring a clean surface and minimum anchor profile including brush-off blast


Lower material cost & higher performance of RazorGreen® Garnet against other abrasives makes it a perfect abrasive for one-time or quick blasting working condition.

RazorGreen® Garnet is available in:

  • 25 kgs Poly BAGS
  • 40 bags per pallet or bulk bag
  • JUMBO BAGS with inner plastic proof
  • loaded up to 1 tons/2,200 lbs
  • Also available in bulk

RazorGreen applications