Razor® Garnet Water Filtration Media

Razor® Garnet Water Filtration media:

  • Multi-media (mixed media) filter systems are used to filter out particles.
  • Water filtration media layers are usually make up of sand, anthracite coal and garnet.
  • Mixed-media filters have a coarse-to-fine gradation of filter media layering
  • Usgeing Razor® Garnet which has a high density solves a major filtration problem. This stable condition of large grains above finer one is achieved by the use of filter material of different sizes and specific gravities.
  • A properly designed multi-media filter system contains filter media of large grains on top and small grains on the bottom of the filter and provides superior performance even after many backwash.
  • By using fine media with a high specific gravity, the layers of media approximately maintain their respective positions in the filter bed even after backwashing.
  • Some mixing does occur. Mixing actually makes the filters more effective by providing more contact area for the suspended particles.
  • The hefty particles getting into the entire filter bed result in increased particles entrapment, longer filter runs and higher filtration rates.
  • In operation, the coarse layer on top traps the larger suspended particles. The finer particles pass through this layer and are trapped by finer media below.
  • This results in longer filter life and higher filtration rates because head loss does not build up as quickly.

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Razor® Garnet filtration Advantages

  • Due to its high specific gravity; it provides unique filter design as an excellent support bed for other filter medias
  • The high hardness of GARNET reduce attrition and extends the life time of the filter bed and provides for years of reliable service
  • Chemically inert and stable

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