RazorJet® & RazorJet+® Garnet

RazorJet® Garnet

Waterjet cutting is an innovative and relatively inexpensive technology for cutting many materials. It can cut almost many material except diamond and tempered glass. Waterjet cutting can produce intricate shapes that are not possible using traditional machining methods.

You have a choice of different grades of RazorJet® Garnet to match any focusing tubes and orifices for any given cutting applications.

Below are typical waterjet cutting applications where RazorJet® Garnet abrasives are ideally suitable for:

Carbon SteelStainless SteelFRP / CRPAluminum


Operating principles of abrasive waterjet

The operating principle is almost the same as pure waterjet, however abrasive is added to the water stream and mixed at the mixing tube.

The high-velocity water exiting the jewel creates a vacuum which pulls RazorJet® Garnet abrasive from the abrasive line, which then mixes with the water in the mixing tube.

The high-velocity beam of water accelerates abrasive particles to speeds that is fast enough to cut through much harder materials. Controlling the speed of the abrasive jet nozzle is crucial to efficient and economical machining.Waterjet garnet

Advantages of RazorJet® Garnet for water jet cutting:

  • Has sharp angular grain shapes to ensure a better cutting speed at about 15-25% faster thus delivering the lowest cost per meter water jet cutting performance.
  • Straighter cut (less taper) from top to bottom and cleaner edges.
  • No oversize grains to block the focusing tubes.
  • Will not restrict garnet free flow or slow down cutting efficiency through the focusing tube.

Abrasivejet cutting

Abrasivejet garnet cutting







Cut edge quality ranges from Q1 to Q5

garnet sand waterjet

Q1 is the fastest cut and is used primarily for material separation. Depending on edge finish requirements, slower cutting speeds of Q2 through Q5 are selected. RazorJet® Garnet abrasives can meet each of these edge quality for your jobs.



RazorJet® Garnet for Precision WaterJet Cutting

RazorJet® Garnet abrasives can be used for micro water-jet cutting machine to cut a wide range of materials, including heat sensitive ones, with a cutting accuracy +/-0.01mm and a positioning accuracy of +/-0.003mm.

This occurs by mixing a very fine abrasive with accelerated water at an average impact speed of approximately 800m/s to quickly and accurately remove material and produce a finish piece with little to no burr and no heat deformation.

Due to the small diameter of the jet, it is possible to create sharp edged contours with high cutting edge quality; in addition with the jet diameter being 0.2mm a very high material efficiency is achieved.

In addition, the start and end points can be chosen almost freely for the machining process.

Micro water-jet cut with RazorJet® Garnet fine and super fine mesh garnet abrasive provides an excellent alternative cutting method for grinding, drilling, reaming, barrel finishing, and more, for a wide-range of materials compared to EDM or Laser cutting.

The applications are very broad across multiple industries including but limited to:

Mechanical / Electrical EngineeringResearch & DevelopmentPrototyping
ElectronicsAutomotive / MotorsportsMedical Technology / Tools / Implants / Supplies
Watch MakingFood / ChemicalsOil / Energy
Aerospace / DefenceArt / JewelleryScale Models
Automation / Packaging Industry

RazorJet® Garnet 80mesh:

The most popular waterjet abrasive grade used worldwide, delivers the optimum balance of cutting speed and precision edge.


RazorJet® Garnet 50 mesh

For your high speed cutting, in some cases can deliver up to a 30% increase in cutting speed but at the expense of a reduced precision edge.


RazorJet® Garnet 120 mesh, 150 mesh, 220 mesh, 240 mesh

When you require a high precision and minimum tolerance edge is required.

Waterjet cutting garnet micro waterjet cutting